Here are some things you might like to know about our services if you plan to attend...

Casual dress is welcome at all services.  We know that people who come to the lake for the weekend might not have brought their "Sunday best" with them.  That's fine with us.  The Lord cares far more about the heart of the worshiper than about his or her clothing.  You will not be judged for wearing casual clothing.

We have a staffed Nursery at both morning services.  For convenience and security, our nursery is located very close to the main auditorium in the overflow area.  For safety, all children's and youth workers at Mt. Ivy are required to undergo a criminal background check before being allowed to serve. 

We have Children's Church at both morning services.  Children's Church is intended for ages 3-9, to provide them with a Bible lesson and worship that they can understand.  If a child is more comfortable staying with his parents than attending Children's Church, he is welcome to do so.  For safety, all children's and youth workers at Mt. Ivy are required to undergo a criminal background check before being allowed to serve.

Our worship songs are a blend of contemporary and traditional music.  We realize that people have a wide variety of worship music "preferences" and that God can be worshiped with all kinds of music--new or traditional, slow or fast.  If the songs are offered from the heart, in a spirit of respect and honor to the Lord, they are pleasing to Him.  You are likely to hear a variety of music in these services.

We offer the Lord's Supper or "Communion" at both morning services every Sunday.  All Christians, whether members of Mt. Ivy or not, are welcome to share with us in this simple but profound time of remembering Jesus and His death for our sins.  Trays containing the bread and grape juice are passed to each row.  You may eat and drink as these are passed to you, or you are welcome to hold them for a time of meditation and take them when you are ready.  Worshipers usually offer silent prayer to God at this time, read Bible verses relating to Christ and His sacrifice for us, or simply spend those moments thinking about what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

The minister preaches from the New American Standard Bible.  This translation of the Bible is used because it gives the clearest picture of what the original writers were communicating in the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament.  However, we do not criticize or waste time debating a person's choice of Bible translations, and Bibles are available in the pews for those who didn't bring their own with them.  But we do strongly encourage you to bring your own Bible to follow along if you have one!

Sermons are presented with practical application in mind.  We realize that a message or Bible lesson is useless unless it is understandable and it teaches the listener how to use it in everyday life.  Expect to hear many Scripture references and practical application in the sermons--in everyday language you can understand.  God's word has incredible power in a person's life when it is heard, believed, and obeyed, and we preach and teach with this goal of life-change in mind.

If you attend a service at Mt. Ivy, no one will show up on your doorstep to bother you at home.  We promise.  Our approach with visitors or guests is to give them an opportunity to come, get to know us, worship with us, and hear the messages for themselves.  We like to send "thank-you" postcards to those who provide an address in our guest book, but we don't use high-pressure tactics to attract visitors or to get them to return.  But this offer always stands: if you would ever like to meet with the minister or to contact him by phone to learn more about the church or to ask questions, he would be glad to help.  Click on "Contact Us" to learn how to reach us by phone or e-mail.  We can arrange a visit with you at your home, at the church office, or any other setting that is comfortable for you.